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Kamis, 17 Juli 2008

Apa aja sih test yang ada di ASTRA IGP GROUP atau ASTRA GROUP.

ASTRA GROUP IGP. Maybe some friends already know what the hell wrote the test that is often in the face when applying for a job any more friends who often apply and must often face the name TEST WORK. Surely friends also know each company is different in the test work, there is only doing 3 tests like:

    Tests fisikotes
    Interview Test, and
    Medical Tests

Even in employment screening tests there are more than 3, Well I'll explain what the hell wrote the test in ASTRA IGP, In accordance with the experience I have ever applied for there are several tests that are quite difficult for job seekers like me for example, may be a difficult for me not for my friends. Okay now I will explain what the test is in the IGP or ASTRA ASTRA GROUP.

1. Test Fisikotes which includes:

- Physical tests such as pus ups, sit ups, skotjam and certainly with the amount that has been set so you should bring sweatpants.

- Health test may ask why the health test instead of the last test you remember to apply online at IGP astra so the data was not complete as medical tests are usually present in a cover letter, wrote testnya regular eye tests include tests such as the color in which there is numbers, etc. must be guessed.

- Test the theory that include general subjects such as school time of course, know basic math, basic science, etc.

2. Test the interview, here you should check back data applications have you print, remember when you fill in the data on the application please print because it is needed during a test day, test interview or interviews are pretty standard I think only a few questions only and the question on capture of data that you print it, and therefore the data must match the answers that you replied.

3. Medical tests or health check here you will in total from the examination of the ears, lungs, etc. of course that feeling healthy will definitely take it easy.

Okay that's my experience when I applied there and hopefully share this test can help your friends when facing a test in the IGP or astra astra group.

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